'Ezra' Priest and Scribe: to rebuild the House of God (Ezra 9:9) and to prepare the Bride of Christ. (Revelation 21:2)


bible light

Below you will see a list of various subjects and within these are links to relevant websites.


www.passionfortruth.com Hebraic understanding of scripture & truth in God’s word, the ministry of Jim Staley EYE-OPENING & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


www.rejesus.co.uk interactive, animated, evidence, spirituality, questions answered
www.freechristianteaching.org Dr Richard Kent articles, cds
www.oxfordbiblechurch.co.uk Derek Walker Prophetic insights, chronology, significance of the Feasts
www.amazingbible.org resources articles
www.av1611.org/ dial-the-truthministries tracts articles
www.btmi.org/ Larry Wolfe Bible truth internet evangelism- sermon outlines
www.impactchristianbooks.com books
www.vop.com free prophetic bible study, radio, music
www.bibleinfo.com Bible information
www.carm.org Bible research, apologetics, dictionary

Special Topics:-


www.barrysmith.org.nz/ Barry Smith International Support Ministries One World Government/EU
www.bilderberg.org Tony Gosling End Times Conspiracy One World Government/Freemasonry
www.propheticvision.org.uk David Hatherway
www.globalreport2010.com weekly‘Global Watch’ reports by e-mail.


www.israelmybeloved.com JanVan der Hoeven to understand God’s heart for His people. *
www.hatikvah.co.uk * Films/DVDs on the historical perspective ‘Blessing, Curse or Co-incidence, ’The Forsaken Promise,‘’ The Destiny of Britain’
www.cmj.org.uk Christian ministry to the Jews
www.lightofzion.org Sandra Teplinsky Jew and Gentile as the Bride of Christ, articles on current situation in Israel
www.standwithus.co.uk Maps, time lines, history, politics advocacy to challenge media lies.
www.blackhamfamilyministries.co.uk Jewish roots, news, Hebrew. TV programme www.israelfirst.org
www.operation-exodus.org Aliyah (return of the Jews to Israel)
www.out-of-Zion.com David Silver - Jewish roots
www.messianictestimony.com Messianic Testimony
www.cfi.org.uk Christian Friends of Israel
www.cfi-usa.org Christian Friends of Israel Lance Lambert/Derek Prince Israel and the Middle East
www.dpmuk.org Derek Prince teaching, prayer
www.sidroth.org Sid Roth Jews/Israel
www.olivetree.org Christine Darg End Times prophecy
www.lancelambert.org prophecy and updates for prayer
www.templeinstitute.org Rebuilding the Temple


www.truthnet.org biblical truth versus error in other religions, cults
www.globalreport2010.com weekly global watch reports on a range of issues e.g. one world government by e-mail.
www.bereancall.org exposing deceptions; emergent church, cults, Islam, Catholicism
www.sozo.org deliverance from occult and Freemasonry
www.exposingsatanism.org Witchcraft Freemasonry
www.fruitfulvine.com.au. Yvonne Kitchen. Deliverance from Freemasonry
www.reachouttrust.org Cults, New Age, alternative therapies.


www.ellelministries.org Peter Horrobin Healing and deliverance.
www.healingwells.com Healing wells and healing rooms
www.revivalnow.com/ Wesley Campbell other Christian web links.
www.healingrooms.com Cal Pierce Healing and deliverance, restoration of the church.


www.lightforthelastdays.co.uk Tony Pearce articles
www.prophecynews.co.uk Prophecy being fufilled
www.prophecyupdate.com News events in the light of bible prophecy.
www.etpv.org End Time Prophetic Vision articles by Bill Somers
hese days.
www.prophecytoday.com prophecy in the news