'Ezra' Priest and Scribe: to rebuild the House of God (Ezra 9:9) and to prepare the Bride of Christ. (Revelation 21:2)


Deception coverart

My books are now published and can be downloaded directly or obtained in printed form by clicking on:
www.lulu.com . Just type in search ‘Mary Kelsey’

‘THE SPIRIT AND THE BRIDE SAY, “COME’!” ’-preparing the Bride of Christ (Israel and the Church) including a study section at the end of each chapter.

‘DECEPTION IN THE CHURCH’- tracing the history of heresies and deceptions through the ages and challenges to the Church today.

A synopsis of each of these can be found as word documents.

‘REFLECTIONS’ is a collection of poems, prayers and meditations inspired by creation and intended to reflect God’s care through the changing scenes of life.