'Ezra' Priest and Scribe: to rebuild the House of God (Ezra 9:9) and to prepare the Bride of Christ. (Revelation 21:2)

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare watchmen on the walls

This presentation highlights the role of intercession, being a watchman, persistent prayer, worship, territorial mapping and ‘digging wells of revival ’in taking ground back from the enemy.

Sins such as idolatry, the shedding of innocent blood, ungodly covenants, injustice, immorality and rebellion bring God’s judgement and defile the land.

Strategies are given for cleansing the ground, breaking curses and praying for our cities.

The importance of praying at the gates:physical,political and seasonal are developed further in ‘Praying at the Gates’ presentation.

watchmen on the walls

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