'Ezra' Priest and Scribe: to rebuild the House of God (Ezra 9:9) and to prepare the Bride of Christ. (Revelation 21:2)

One World Government

One World Government

One World Government tower of babel 1

One world government is a system with a pretence of democracy, but in fact the people have no power. Power instead lies in financial control. The main idea of the new world order is to destroy the infra-structure of society and individual and national freedom by abolishing the monarchy, national sovereignty, private property, inheritance, normal family life and religion.

The Revived Roman Empire- There is much speculation about what constitutes the revived Roman Empire, who the Anti-Christ might be, whether he is already alive today and the meaning of ‘666.’ There are many global conspiracy theories involving the Trilaterialists, Masons, Iluminati and New Age networks. These are masterminded by Satan in his wicked scheme to take over the whole world. He will be not only a military and political dictator, but he will deceive the world into revering and worshipped him as the head of an official world religion.

EU parliament

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