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Israel and the Jews book reviews

Israel and the Jews book reviews

Israel and the Jews book reviews Jewish flag

Book reviews of:-

‘Slow Train Coming’ by David Silver - God’s redemptive plan for Israel and the Church
‘Israel the Land of Controversy’ by Claude Ezagouri.
‘God’s Tsunami’ by Peter Tsukahira
‘Jerusalem the Covenant City’ by Hugh Kitson
‘Jerusalem Countdown’ by John Hagee - a must!
‘Cursed: the conspiracy to divide Jerusalem’ by Mike Evans
‘The Messianic Church Arising’ by Robert Heidler -how to experience revival
‘Hastening the Coming of the Messiah’ by Johannes Facius - essential in understanding God’s plan
‘Operation Exodus’ by Gutav Scheller
‘The In-gathering of Israel’ by Esther Lever
’Israel- His people, His Land, His Story edited by Fred Wright
‘God’s Promise and the Future of Israel’ by Don Finto
‘The Uniqueness of Israel’ by Lance Lambert
‘The Last Lap’ by Sid Roth
‘War on God’s People’ by Charlotte Wertheim
‘Aliya’ by Richard Gottier
‘The People of Many Names’ by Steve Maltz
‘Israel’s Anointing’ by Sandra Teplinsky

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