'Ezra' Priest and Scribe: to rebuild the House of God (Ezra 9:9) and to prepare the Bride of Christ. (Revelation 21:2)



Evolution ape man

Contrary to popular opinion, evolution is not based on science, but atheism and humanism.

Not only is the authenticity of the Bible, but the credibility of Jesus Christ is at stake.

Jesus warned us about following human traditions Mark 7:13. He quoted Genesis 25 times.

Science cannot prove or disprove either creation or evolution.

This presentation shows that true Christianity is incompatible with the concept of an old earth and evolution. It uncovers the false thinking behind evolution: atheism and humanism and the lack of any real scientific evidence to support evolution, such as any missing links. Fossilization is not slow and C14 dating is unreliable.

ape man

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