'Ezra' Priest and Scribe: to rebuild the House of God (Ezra 9:9) and to prepare the Bride of Christ. (Revelation 21:2)

Bible Fiction

Bible Fiction

Bible Fiction Warfare angel blue

The Chronicles of the Brothers by Wendy Alec

‘The Fall of Lucifer’ is a brilliant portrayal of the Bible story from an angelic perspective. It will give you fresh insight and revelation as well as entertainment.

‘Messiah - the First Judgement’ continues the story of salvation with Jesus’ mission on earth seen from a heavenly and hellish perspective, with two intriging subplots spanning two thousand years.

‘The Truth Stick’ a parable for adults and children - by Peter Horrobin is a wonderful children‘s story far surpassing A.A. Milne’s ‘Wind in the Willows’ for sheer genius and creativity, whilst conveying Biblical truth.

‘And the Shofah Blew’ by Francine Rivers - warns about building a church on the wrong foundation and learning to be humble and to be led by the Holy Spirit.

warfare angel blue

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